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MOON ORBITED Speaker Systems

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for Small to Medium Churches

Black skamp on tripod

skamp on a tripod

The ORBITED skamp on a tripod or even the kartTable with folding legs is perfect for a choir or member who travels to share in praise worship with sister churches.

Only one person is needed for packing and unpacking the portable skamp into a small vehicle. Weighing approximately 48 lbs. with built-in handles, the skamp provides the ease of moving from car to event room.

Micing is NOT needed for room-filling sound, which enables quick setup and breakdown.

Black skamp with Pole on bassLite

skamp with BassLite

Pair the ORBITED skamp with the bassLite subwoofer for more bass sound you love. It's perfect for both your church worship servies as well as for travel.

Stack this portable speaker system on the kartTable for easy transport. If you are on a stage higher than your audience, just leave the system stacked with the skamp on top and connect as is to the organ or keyboard.

If you are the same level as your audience, add the pole to raise the skamp higher for amazing ORBITED spacial effects.

skamp on BigBase wood grain

skamp with BigBass

Now we're talking! Here's a system large enough for a deep bass sound but still portable enough to travel or maybe just move from sanctuary to reception room. Stack the ORBITED skamp with the bigBass for an even deeper bass sound.

This bigBass has its own casters and fold-out legs, which means no extra cart is needed.

Micing is NOT needed for room-filling sound, which enables quick setup and breakdown.

skamp on subBase wood grain

skamp with subBase

It doesn't get better than this! Don't have a need to move the speaker system? Then this amazing subBase with its deep, rich sound was especially designed for your House of Worship.

Just add the ORBITED skamp to the subBase to create the most beautiful celestial sound worthy of your praise service. It's the perfect stationary speaker system that is still easy to move.

Micing is NOT needed for room-filling sound.

for Medium to Large Churches

(The following products are currently under developemnt)

Super skamp on tripod

Super skamp, Analog


Provado Mini Stack, Digital

Stacked Provado Horn, Provado Mid and Provado Bass. Mini Stack can also reign down from the ceiling.

Tower of Power

Provado Tower of Power, Digital

Stack as many Provado Horns, Provado Mids and Provado Basses as you want. Tower of Power can also reign down from the ceiling.


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