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Provado Mini-Stack Provado Tower of Power !

Mini Stack and Power of Tower

(Product line currently under developemnt)

® sound system brings the MOON Amplification technology to the ultimate stage sound system.

The horn rotor, bass rotor and subwoofer channels are each in separate cabinets using high-performance sound transducers and high-power digital amplifiers, yet having a reasonable weight and size.

The TOP CABINET handles the horn rotor channel and contains four high-efficiency horn transducers.

Each horn is driven by a separate 250 Watt RMS class-D amplifier, four amplifiers total 1,000 Watts! The switch-mode power supply reduces the weight and heat generated.

The bass rotor channel sound is reproduced by the MID CABINET containing eight 8-inch transducers, each in a front-loaded horn configuration for maximum efficiency and directivity for the mid frequencies.

Each pair of mid transducers is driven by a separate 250 Watt RMS class-D amplifier, four amplifiers total 1,000 Watts, with switch-mode power supply.

Each MID CABINET has more cone area than a pair of 15 inch woofers and 1,000 Watts of drive, so the top and mid cabinets make up a very effective full-range sound system.

For the ultimate bass kick, add the SUB CABINET with two 15 inch transducers optimized for the bottom register.

Each transducer is driven by a 500 Watt RMS class-D amplifier, two amplifiers total, with switch-mode power supply. A separate digital cable connects the mixer to the subwoofer cabinet, allowing the top/mid stack to be placed separately on stage from the subwoofer.

A small controller mixer connects to the top and mid cabinets via a single digital cable that carries eight channels of audio for the four faces of the two types of cabinets.

Cabinets are daisy-chained via digital jumper cables so that any number of top and mid cabinets can be stacked, all operating in perfect synchronization for a powerful spatial sound effect.

This mixer has a large color display and simple user interface that can be placed on your rig giving you total control over all aspects of the sound system.

The controller connects with a single digital cable to the mixer module that can be placed on the floor behind your rig or in a rack. This keeps all those audio cables from your instruments away from your playing position.

The mixer has ten combo XLR/TRS inputs, six for three stereo pairs and four for mono channels.

An additional channel handles 8-pin DIN, 11-pin circular or TRS for the primary orbital channel. The other inputs can be routed through a secondary orbital channel or be reproduced in stereo.

The Mini Stack® and Tower of Power® are examples of how the digital daisy chain feature lets you stack any number of cabinets, all with synchronized orbit.

If your gear says ®, Super TM or ®, then it's a product of AmplificationTM.

It's the REAL !

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