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Super Portability

skamp wood grain

skamp woodgrain on a tripod

Click for Larger Image skamp® is the lightest and most compact musical instrument amplifier available from MOON Amplification. That doesn't mean it lacks punch or capability. Tucked inside are 12 high-performance sound transducers and four 100 Watt RMS amplifiers for incredable sound from this little package.

The amazing spatial effect of the skamp orbited speaker is produced by the special configuration of 12 sound transducers covering all four faces of the skamp cabinet, coupled with the signal processing power of a dual-core digital signal processor (DSP).

The small size of the skamp is made possible by super efficient class-D amplifiers and a switch-mode power supply. Large and heavy power transformers are elimintated, replaced by high frequency digital technology that produces enormous power without the heat or weight of analog power amplifiers.

Micing is NOT needed for room filling sound, which enables quick setup and breakdown.

If it does NOT say skamp® or Provado®, then it is not a product of MOON Amplification -- it's NOT the REAL !

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Made in the USA