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Deep Rich Bass


subBase Wood Grain with Gold Pipes

Baroque model line


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The 15" driver has powerful bass that strongly reproduces the lowest pedal tones providing a deep, rich foundation for the ORBITED amplifier.

This highly efficient driver has a massive 100 oz. magnet and a 4" voice coil. The driver, coupled with the sophisticated cabinet design, is optomized for the bottom register.

The Class D amplifier produces 500 Watts RMS into an 8 Ohm speaker with high voltage swing capability (180 Volts peak-to-peak across the speaker) from the dual power supply.

The pair of highly efficient switch-mode power supplies automatically operate from US 120 Volts or international 220 Volts.

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The cabinet is also superior, crafted with furniture-grade plywood with waterproof glue, not MDF or partical board.

The pyramid integrated into the bottom of the cabinet forms a front-loaded horn.

Keeping this speaker cabinet to approximately 80 lbs., the subBase is perfect for small to medium-sized churches and can be moved easily from one room to another while having the appearance of a substantial piece of furniture.

Use the custom Dual Switch to simultaneously control a pair of independent orbited or orbited to rotary speakers.

The mixerKontroller has a switch jack for easy plug-in connection of the switch.

skamp Subwoofer Cabinets

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