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Portability with Stronger Bass

skamp kart

Blueberry on bigBass with STRUCT design and kartTable STRUCT design deployed creating front-loaded horn

skamp kart

on bigBass and kartTable STRUCT folded for transport

skamp kart

and bigBass with STRUCT design and Red Transit Case

The bigBassTM is built with the same quality as the subBassTM using the same driver and electronics, but in a much smaller, portable cabinet.

Weighing 55.5 pounds, the bigBass is portable for travel. Whether you are a performing solo artist or band member, the ® combined with the bigBass creates a rockin' live-performance sound.

Click for Larger Image The 15" driver has a powerful bass that strongly reproduces the lowest pedal tones providing a deep, rich foundation for the ORBITED amplifier.

This highly efficient 15" driver has a light but extremely powerful Neodymium magnet and a 3" voice coil optomized for the bass register of the pedals. It has a dye-cast aluminum basket/heat sync. It's rated for 450 Watts RMS and 98.4 dB sensitivity.

The Class D amplifier produces 500 Watts RMS into an 8 Ohm speaker with high voltage swing capability (180 Volts peak-to-peak across the speaker) from the dual power supply.

The pair of highly efficient switch-mode power supplies automatically operate from US 120 Volts or international 220 Volts.

Click for Larger Image The cabinet is also superior, crafted with light weight, furniture-grade Arauco plywood with waterproof glue, not MDF partical board like some famous brand.

Foot pockets on the bigBass keep the stacked from sliding on stage and during transport, eliminating straps and clamps.

Use the kartStandTM accessory for easy transport and setup. When the kartStand is folded, it protects the bigBass grill. When the kartStand legs are deployed, the kartStand raises up the bigBass and becomes a front-loaded horn, improving bass efficiency. Large footpockets are also designed into the kartStand.

Micing is NOT needed for room-filling sound, which enables quick setup and breakdown, less to carry.

skamp Subwoofer Cabinets

If your gear says ®, Super TM or ®, then it's a product of AmplificationTM.

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